One of the best ways to show your students that they are capable of anything is to lead by example. So this site will tell the story of how I broke down the barriers that aimed to stop me achieving my goal of studying at Oxford this summer.

As well as acting as campaign headquarters for my mission this site will also host useful resources and reflections related to my teaching interests.

12.08.2017 Update: Mission Accomplished!

I did it! As the dust settles on two fantastic weeks at Exeter College, that challenged and changed me in ways that I couldn’t possibly have predicted, it’s time to thank the people who made it possible. Roll the credits:

Margarita Maria Higuera Espinosa (Feel it, believe it, do it!)
Luka Fogarty Higuera (Inspiration and Motivation)
Jenny Rojas (Role Model, Mentor and all round Success Rustler)
Heike Philp (How to be Generous)
Christine Smith (The enduring power of friendship)
Angus Vantoch-Wood (Mavern, Maverick and Marvellous)
Katy Yelland (EAP Consultant)
Vicky (Putting the Comedy into ELT)
and many, many more…