Introducing Midget Gems

If teaching is sharing, then Midget Gems is where you can find short and sweet posts or lovely little links that share a small yet beautiful thought about teaching and learning.

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Discard An Axiom
Beliefs that limit us as teachers and learners of English

Midget Gem #1
I’m currently developing a teacher training workshop entitled “Discard an Axiom”. It’s inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. It aims to explore the myths and beliefs that hold us back as teachers or learners of English.

Before piloting this workshop I believed that most teachers were aware of the myth of learning styles. However, as this inaugural Midget Gem highlights, the common misconception, that learning styles are relevant to lesson delivery, is a belief that many learning practitioners still cling onto even in 2017.

Try this thought provoking quiz to find out if there are any other notions you hold that your teaching or learning may do well to be disabused of.*


*Thanks to fellow skeptic and evidence based teaching aficionado, Russell Mayne of the University of Leicester for the link to the this quiz.


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