This years IATEFL International Conference comes to you all the way from sunny Scotland.

Thanks to a partnership between the British Council and IATEFL even if you’re based in rainy Colombia you can still access our industry’s most important get together.

In their ultimate wisdom these two organisations have deemed that I’m just about good enough at writing to co-host and comment on some of the live streamed content from the conference hall.

The ‘Language for Resilience’ report was commissioned in response to the unprecedented effects of the Syrian refugee crisis and brings together information gathered though interviews with refugees, host communities and those working to support them, with lessons learned from past and on-going British Council language programming in conflict and post-conflict areas. Key practitioners and Syrian refugee stakeholders will share their thoughts on the role of language in enhancing the resilience of individuals and communities affected by crisis.

Myself and the vast majority of teachers working in the regions of Colombia face geographic and financial barriers to accessing high quality training and professional development opportunities such as attendance at this conference. Many teachers can’t afford to join IATEFL let alone contemplate the airfares, accommodation and conference fees needed to take part in this annual conference.

So, although there really is no substitute for face to face interaction, on behalf of all teachers in my position I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the British Council and IATEFL for giving us an opportunity to experience the benefits of conference virtually (oh, and thanks to Tim Berners-Lee too).

If you’re teaching in Colombia in similar circumstances to me, please get in touch or use the comments box below to tell me about the obstacles slowing your professional development. The more evidence of need the we can collect the more likely it will be that Operación #Oxford_don goes viral, smashes its targets and succeeds in sending more Colombian teachers to Oxford.

For your convenience I’ve attached the full schedule of events below along with the equivalent Local Time in Colombia.

Tuesday’s signature event Language for Resilience will be of particular relevance to teachers and learners of English in Colombia

We streamed Tuesday’s event live in one of classrooms. Click here to see how it was received by Colombian undergraduate students.


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